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We are experts in project finance, sales and business development thanks to EU funds. We provide equity and help investements/financing for telecommunications, energy ,biotechnology digital economy, media sector.We organize private emissions of shares, provide venture and private equity financing. We work with partners in Brussels and in Europe, as well as investment companies in the USA. We organize workshops, conferences, information campaigns and education. We have a network of representatives all over Poland. There are no challenges too great for us!

Chairman of the board - ANNA KATARZYNA NIETYKSZA Chairman of EFICapital, prv. Ltd. comany, founder of Eurocloud Poland and Cloud Community Poland, ,member of Cloud Community Europe Council , founder of Cloud Community Europe. Partner of Ferber Venture Capital and Wolf Private Equity, as well as Wolf Technology Fund, investing in technology ompany . Between 2010-2015 Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, Digital Agenda group and working groups such as Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity,European Ventures Funds, Banking Regulations. Founder and chairman of the board of EFICOM- 2014, group which was listed the NewConnect Market .She sold majority in 2014.She acquired over 250 million PLN of EU funds for clients, as well as introduced 6 companies to the NewConnect market. The founder and chairman of EuroRSCG Poland in 1992-1995, Chairman of Business Press, and journalist in France for Sygma Press.

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Anna Katarzyna Nietyksza is an international expert in matters of EU funds and regulations. She specializes in digital economy, including  Cloud Computing, cybersecurity, big data and telecommunication, as well as intelligent energy. She was part of the Digital Agenda group "Cloud Computing", "Cyberattacks", "Digital Skills", "Interoperability" , “Cyberattacks in the EU”, “Digital Skills in the EU”, “Interoperability”, as well as opinion reporter in the European committee “New EU telecommunication packet”. “Data-based Economy”, “New EU Bank Regulations”, “European Venture Funds”. She is a graduate of law and political sciences at Paris-Sorbonne University. She is fluent in French, Spanish, English, Russian, and Italian.