Finansowanie z UE dla funduszy venture oraz preferencyjne pożyczki dla firm

Organizujemy workshopy i szkolenia w zakresie instrumentow dłużnych i kapitałowych oferowanych przez Komisję Europejską w ramach planu Junckera:

  • preferencyjne pożyczki i gwarancje bankowe,
  • linie kredytowe z preferencyjnym oprocentowaniem, leasing preferencyjny
  • wsparcie kapitałowe dla funduszy inwestycyjnych
  • instrumenty typu equity finansowane przez Komisje Europejską,
  • Finansowanie oferowane jest w ramach Europejskiego Funduszu Inwestycji Strategicznych,Europejskiego Banku Inwestycyjnego, programów COSME, Horyzont 2020, EOSI, Kreatywna Europa, CIP, ZPR.


Cybersecurity conference

On May 25th 2017, EfiCapital, in cooperation with Cloud Community Europe and the faculty of management of the University of Warsaw, we are organizing a conference on practical cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructure, public administration, financial institutions, and Cloud Computing. Feel free to join!

Investment Day

EfiCapital, Divite Investment House and Ferber Venture, all invite you to the  co-organized event “Investment Day” on April 19th 2017, co-financed by JEREMIE program of the European Commission. Partnership investments will be financed by JEREMIE withinthe program investing 50 % and investors another 50%.. Among the offered investments, are a media group in the UK and an electronic payment partnership.


Dwór Konstancin

Ul.Od Lasu 23

05-510 Konstancin Jeziorna

Please note that this event is invitation exclusive. If you would like to join us, please, let us know via the EfiCapital website.

New partner – debt financing

SCC consortium and Divite Investment become new EfiCapital partner in matters of debt financing. These are companies founded by bankers, who with their many years of experience in proceeding credit applications and emission obligations, as well as in preparing companies for debt financing.

New investment funds

A good end of year balance for 2016! We signed cooperation contracts with the following investment funds: Wolf Private Equity, Ferber Venture Capital, as well as Divite Investment House.

New partner

Cezamat (center for research and development of advanced materials and technology in Warsaw) became our new partner.

EU funds

We prepare applications for the Commissioner of Human Rights (Mazovia) in investment projects for small and medium/sized enterprises. We are looking for partners for the “Starter” program!